EGX 10

High Quality Output

Clean oil, sand and water are separated in three distinctive parts described below:

Oil: The cavitation process does not break down the properties of the oil such as cleaning with heat or chemicals. The output of extracted oil could therefore be reintroduced to the market.

Sand: The sand has features which meets the emission requirements for direct dumping. Hence, the sand can be dumped without further process.

Water: Quality of water meets the quality requirements for water and could therefore be exploited commercially

This is

The EGX 10 Unit is a container-based EGX system.


The EGX 10 Unit has the capacity of processing between 5 – 10 tons / hour.



Manufacturer: Ennox Technology AS

Size/weight: 40ft / 15 000kg


Dimensions: 12190x2438x2590mm
(L x W x H)

Coating: According to Norsok standard M501

Main Power Supply & Consumption

Voltage: 400 – 690VAC 50/60Hz

Power: 100-150kW, 125-250A (440VAC)

Pressurized Air: Instrument only

Water: 0,1 – 1,0m3/h


Capicaty: 1 – 10 tons/h

Design Pressure: 10 Bar

Design Temperature: 0 – +50°C

Material wetted parts: 316L

Design pH: 2 – 12 pH

Input material:
Oil Content ≤30%
Water Content ≤20%
(Total Liquid≤50%)
Solids (Particles) >50%

Sources: Tank cleaning sludge, oil lagoons, oil pits, sedimentation ponds, contaminated sites, contaminated soil.

Output material: Oil, water, solid output (TPH C10-C40 Below 1 %,
< 0.1 % possible)

Material Solid Size: 30 mm – 30 µm

Personell: 1-2 Operators

Emissions: None


Container: DNV 2.7-1

Equipment: CE – Labelling

General Design: Norsok Z-015

Explosion Protection: ATEX II/3G


Electrical: Plug/Junction Box

Inlet: 4″ Din PN16 Strainer option 500x500mm

Water Discharge: 2″ Cam-Lock Male

Reject: 2″ Cam-Lock Male

Solids: Chute to skip

Air supply: 1″ Chicago Claw

Water Supply 2″ Cam-Lock Male

*Difference between the two products are the size and the capacity of work.*

EGX Demo


The EGX Demo is a skid-based demo device that is easily accessible for implementation and testing by potential customers. The EGX Demo has the capacity of processing between 1 – 3 tons / hour.

EGX 10


The EGX 10 Unit is a container-based EGX system.  The EGX 10 Unit has the capacity of processing between 5 – 10 tons / hour.

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