Next generation clean-tech solution for transforming oil-waste into resources.

About Us

Ennox Technology is a Norwegian based clean tech company that has developed a novel and game changing processing unit for recovering oil from drill cuttings, oil contaminated soil and other oily solids in a more effective and economical manner, and with significantly less environmental impact than current technologies in the market.

The Problem

Production, refinery and storing of oil creates huge amount of oil contaminated waste and solids that have severe economic and environmental consequences for the society. Traditionally, oil-contaminated waste has been stored in landfills or handled with high costs, large footprint, high environmental emissions and high safety hazards. Stricter regulations demand that contaminated waste and soil shall be handled in an environmentally sustainable way.

The Solution

The Ennox technology is branded Ennox Green Extraction (EGX). The EGX unit is highly mobile and delivered in a standard 20-foot enclosed container. It will extract close to 100% of hydrocarbons without the use of heat or harmful chemicals and can process up to 10 tons per hour. Furthermore, the EGX process enables the customer to reuse and sell the handled waste.

Our Products

*Difference between the two products are the size and the capacity of work.*

EGX Demo


The EGX Demo is a skid-based demo device that is easily accessible for implementation and testing by potential customers. The EGX Demo has the capacity of processing between 1 – 3 tons / hour.

EGX 10


The EGX 10 Unit is a container-based EGX system.  The EGX 10 Unit has the capacity of processing between 5 – 10 tons / hour.



Delegation from Wintershall in Germany visits Ennox in Stavanger

Delegation from Wintershall in Germany visits Ennox in Stavanger 06 FEBRUARY, 2019February 6, a delegation from Wintershall In Germany spent the day at Ennox premises in Stavanger. The meeting was a result of a dialogue started at ONS 2018.Ennox was introduced to the...

New Hire Announcement – Senior Technical Engineer

New Hire Announcement – Senior Technical Engineer 01 NOVEMBER, 2018 Ennox Technology is pleased to announce and welcome Mrs. Wei Zhao, PhD, as Senior Technical Engineer. Wei Zhao will play a central role in our technical team and her main focus will be on: ...

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