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In 2010, Ennox started its research program together with the University of Wismar, Germany and the engineering company Allum Industries, Sandefjord. The aim of Ennox’s operations was to develop and market innovative and environmentally-friendly technologies for the cleaning of oil contaminated waste.


As an integral part of the process of developing clean-up technology based on cavitation, a project was launched in 2014 together with Secure Services (SES), a major waste management company from Canada.


After the project with Secure Services, the method has been further developed into a method based on mechanical cavitation. In 2015 the first small-scale testing of the technology with mechanical cavitation was conducted using waste from various locations, including the North Sea, Canada, Kazakhstan, Kuwait and China.


Good test results led to the construction and manufacturing of two prototypes fully funded by customers. As a result, two full scale units were sold to Kazakhstan and China 2016.


The development and improvement of the two prototypes has continued in 2017 and 2018.

The combination of our skills, is what makes the machine go.

The core of the Ennox Technology is the unique combination of competence, network, and industrial and engineering competence and extensive experience. The core competence will allow us to maintain a competitive advantage towards potential upcoming competitors. To hold the competitive position our strategy is to attract talent that will strengthen the core of the company.

It all makes the difference

Ennox Technology has an “eco-system” of dedicated partners that will support the team in commercialisation and subsequently scaling of the company.

Key personell

We put in the work that makes a better future.

Jon Gjerstad

Jon Gjerstad


Jon has 15 years of experience from offshore and onshore industry.

Jan Zdenek Horak

Jan Zdenek Horak

R&D Engineer

Zdenek has over 15 years of experience as Technician/Mechanic.

Asbjørn Vagle

Asbjørn Vagle

CFO/Business Development Manager

Prior to joining Ennox Technology in January 2016, Asbjorn has worked as management consultant and angel investor for early stage companies since 2013.

Vinh Xuan Nguyen

Vinh Xuan Nguyen

Senior Structural Design Engineer

Vinh has many years of experience as mechanical designer in a broad range of technical development projects.

Wei Zhao

Wei Zhao

PhD Senior Technical Engineer

Wei has a PhD in Fluid Engineering, Department of Energy and Process Engineering, Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), Norway.

Ennox Technology

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