The Ennox Green Extraction (EGX) will transform the market for waste management of oil-contaminated solids


Revolutionary design

The extraction process is designed with the sole objective of meeting the end users’ high preferences for acquiring waste management services, such as price, extraction rate efficiency with reduced energy consumption and environmental impacts. Furthermore, the reuse of the extracted oil as a commercially traded product will be important for the oil producers.


The EGX unit is shipped in a standard 20-foot container making the technology deployable fast. Therefore, it is easy to scale.


The principle of sustainability is core in delivering the extraction process. The technology uses no chemicals, produces no polluting by-products such as CO2 and the extracted oil can be sold commercially.

Onsite treatment

The EGX concept with the mobile unit will redefine how waste management is executed. The unit enables cleaning at the production site, reducing the impact of the waste and transport.

*The difference between the two products is the size and the capacity of work.*

EGX Demo


The EGX Demo is a skid-based demo device that is easily accessible for implementation and testing by potential customers. The EGX Demo has the capacity of processing between 1 – 3 tons / hour.

EGX 10


The EGX 10 Unit is a container-based EGX system.  The EGX 10 Unit has the capacity of processing between 5 – 10 tons / hour.

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